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Monthly On-Demand Subscriptions


Monthly Subscription packages

Our On-Demand platform launched in January 2021 and has been a huge success. Its enabled us to stay connected with so many clients, and teach new clients from all over the world.

Sign up today!


For a monthly subscription you can enjoy a variety of Well-being sessions. Ideal for anyone wanting to enjoy Pilates and Yoga from home.

Members get unlimited access to a wide range of sessions and weekly new content, which you work on in your own time.

Total beginner? Do not worry....

Our new How To Pilates monthly subscription allows you access to short how to videos, and exercises for you to learn at home.


Monthly subscribers will be also receive online 1 to 1 support, to make sure you benefit from our sessions.

Whatever your fitness goal maybe, we can offer support and advice to make sure you achieve results.

These sessions will focus on using the Pilates techniques to........

Increased flexibility

Improved posture

Increased strength

Improved efficiency of everyday movement

Faster rehabilitation after injury

Enhanced mind and body integration

Weight loss

Increased core strength

Reduced back pain

Tone and lengthening

Our monthly subscription starts £9.99 for unlimited class content. Plus the first 7 days are FREE

Simply click the link below

North Lincolnshire clients...

We offer a monthly subscription of £25 a month which gives you access to a range of videos plus 1 in person class a week at one of our session in North Lincolnshire. Ideal for those local people that enjoy video workouts and classes. Or £35 a month for access to all our weekly sessions.

See our prices and membership section to sign up. Or take a look at the link below....

Corporate packages- Pop Up Pilates

We offer Pop Up Pilates courses in and around North Lincolnshire. We simply set up in an available space within your business and offer a 45 minute Pilates lunch time session. This can run between 4 to 6 weeks. We provide everything you need to offer your staff a Pilates mind and body Well-being session.

If you would like to discuss a corporate  packages simply contact us for price plans and membership details.

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